The different types of beer glasses

different types of beer glasses

A brief history of beer could be going through the different types of beer glasses that are offered. An introduction to the favorite glasses.

Nonic Pint

Pint among pints, the Nonic is easily the most common in British bars. It’s recognizable by its rounded top and it is large size. The most typical beer is drunk in this kind of different types of beer glasses.

Tulip Pint

For those who have visited a British pub, you’ll want to encounter this typical United kingdom beer glass. And even for good reason, it’s the glass where the famous Guinness is drunk.

Willy Becher Pint

Particularly high, the Willy Becher includes a straight and recognizable cut. It can be found in many bars all over the world. Its shape also exists in other formats compared to pint.

different types of beer glasses

Shaker Pint

The Shake Pint is easily the most common in American bars. Its shaker shape provides it with its name. Furthermore, this glass is frequently employed for mixes.

The Teku

Produced by Teo Musso and Lorenzo Dabove, the Teku glass comes with an unusual shape with curves and upward-widening. Very versatile, the craft beer teku glass craft beer Teku glass is an ideal match to savor aromatics beer.


A vintage among beer glasses, the mug is famous worldwide even though it is much more contained in German breweries. This glass is characterized by its handle and it is cells. It’s not uncommon to locate one-liter mugs throughout the Oktoberfest.

The Weizen

The Weizen may be the beer glass component of excellence for tasting the legendary Bavarian beer. Its elegant style using its short base and curved heart closes around the nose, allowing to savor all of the aromas.

The Pilsner

High and stylish, the Pilsner glass is straight and doesn’t possess a stem to talk of. Its primary advantage is its size and it is a lengthy shape which enables it to help keep the bubbles while you drink. Because of this, different types of beer glasses are why it’s generally employed for really small beers for example gueuzes or faros.

The Pokal

The straight lines from the Pokal and it is flat base can be used for tasting beer in addition to wine or water. Its large feet bring it nearer to the flute. Of Czech origin, the Pokal is suggested for German or Belgian beers.

The Goblet

Originating from Belgium, the cup is really a beer glass using its own identity. Installed on a stand, it forms a flared cup specifically created for Belgian beers with chocolate sugar. Because the alcohol during these beers is especially strong, it’s suggested to not grow it towards the brim. However, you’ll understand the foam is created because of its shape.

The Balloon

This Balloon Mechanism beer glass is entirely inspired by the wine world to become adapted to brewing. The aroma is especially kept in because of the top glass. Its rounded silhouette provides an ideal format for beers to become offered in small quantities, strong in alcohol.

The Tulip

Extremely popular, the Tulip glass offers elegance and ergonomics for any tasty tasting. The slope from the glass assists you to serve effervescent beers for example Duvel. Its chalice shape favors the development of froth, necessary for the flavor of the beer.

The Snifter

Of British origin, the Snifter may be the preferred glass for strong beers due to its small size. The bottom is round and also the top more closed. It’s very near to the appearance of the Ballon glass. It never fills towards the brim.


Particularly well-known in the realm of wine, the INAO can also be utilized in the course of different types of beer glasses, specifically for tasting samples. That is why it’s mostly used at beer competitions and festivals.

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